Aluminium Polyester Tape ( 3 Layer )

Aluminium Polyester Tape ( 3 Layer )

These types of Aluminium polyester Tape are presented in the market under different names and brands. As shielding foil, it is used for cables that must be free of electromagnetic or electrostatic interference. For instance: communication cables, data cables, coaxial cables, LAN cables, signal cables, and more….

ConstructureTotal ThicknessWeight (g/m2)Yield (m2/kg)Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Elongation (%)
AI9 PET12 AL935Mic7014.3≥ 45≥ 10
AI9 PET15 AL938Mic7513.3≥ 45≥ 12
AI9 PET19 AL942Mic8012.5≥ 50≥ 12
AI9 PET23 AL946Mic8611.6≥ 50≥ 12
AI12 PET15 AL1244Mic9111≥ 50≥ 12
AI12 PET23 AL1252Mic1029.8≥ 50≥ 12
AI20 PET12 AL2057Mic1308≥ 45≥ 10
AI25 PET12 AL2567Mic1576≥ 45≥ 10

Typically used to wrap and shield multi-pair process control, computer, and instrumentation cables such as DVI, HDMI, and Display port cables, it is to develop the use by the association because of the version and the special requirement of the process. Relative to the surrounding ordinary Aluminium mylar polyester and Mylar tape in terms of not only significantly reduces the operating process, molding and reduce the rejection rate of 20%.

StructureTotal ThicknessWeight (g/m2)(f’4pa) Tensile StrengthElongation (%)(Na/am)
AL/PET/AL9.12.123964≥ 60≥ 35≥ 6.3
AL/PET/AL9.12.154268≥ 60≥ 35≥ 6.3
AL/PET/AL9.12.194673≥ 60≥ 35≥ 6.3
AL/PET/AL9.12.235079≥ 60≥ 35≥ 6.3
AL/PET/AL12.12.235388≥ 60≥ 35≥ 6.3

Polyester PET(Mylar) Tape is used for forming the perfect shape and acting as good insulation for cable production. On communication, data transfer and instrumentation cable production polyester tapes is used as shielding on pairs or grouping the cables. Polyester tape also has a good scale of heat due to its high voltage and perfect electrical insulation characteristics. It is mainly used on coaxial cables, signal cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, LAN cables, data communication cables, and most of the other communication cables. it is also used in flexible Packaging & Printing, Electronic, Housing, Construction and so on.

Structure Polyester Film (PET)

Color : Original color transparent, blue, red, yellow, green etc: Variety of colors is available for indentification.
Packing : 1000mm 300mm 300mm
PAD : MAX. O.D: 1000mm
Spool : Normal 300mm(length) 300mm(height), Different Packaging can be customized.
Storage : Room temperature under dry condition, the shelf life of 1 year.
0.006mm-0.3mmSmm - 2000mm500m-30000m100mm-500mm76mm/150mm

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