Aluminium Polyester Tape For Flexible Duct

Pure Aluminium foil alloy 1235/8011
Fresh original electronic grade PET film
Strong elongation 70%
Peel Strength >7N/mm2

Aluminium Polyester tape for flexible duct is used in ventilation, HVAC, air conditioning, insulation, and housing construction. It can also be coated with foam EXPE, bubble, etc. for thermal insulation and waterproofing. It is also used in the ventilation industry for flexible duct pipe production.

Aluminium Foil+PoIyesterFilm Lamination (AL+PET)
Aluminium Foil+Polyester Film Polyester Fil Lamination (AL+PET+AL) Aluminium Foil+Polyester Film HDPE+VMPET (AL+PET+HDPE+VMPET) Metalized Polyester Film+HDPE+VMPET (VEMPT+HDPE+VMPET)

Color:- Original color silver, blue red yellow, green, etc. A variety of colors is available for identification.

Packaging :- 1000mm
Pad:- Max, 0.D: 1000mm . Packaging can be customized as per requirement.
Storage:- Room temperature under dry condition
Shelf life:- 1 Year


Constructure Total Thickness Weight (g/m2) Yield (m2/kg)
AL7 PET12 22 mic 39 25.5
AL9 PET12 24 mic 44 22.7
AL10 PET12 25 mic 47 21.3


Constructure Total Thickness Weight (g/m2) Yield (m2/kg)
AL7PET12 HDPE15VMPET12 67 mic 104 9.6
AI9 PET 12 HDPE 15VMPET12 69 mic 106 9.4


Constructure Total Thickness Weight (g/m2) Yield (m2/kg)
AL7PET12AL7 32 mic 63 15.9
AL9PET12AL9 36 mic 74 13.5
AL10PET12AL10 38 mic 79 12.7


Constructure Total Thickness Weight (g/m2) Yield (m2/kg)
VMPET12H DPE15VMPET12 48 mic 65 15.4
NOTE:- The Above Values are the accumulative typical ones by method, but ensure you select our product properly, please feel free to contact us for more

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