Ceramic Fiber Cloth & Tape

Ceramic Fiber Cloth & Tape

Ceramic Fibre Cloth is woven from ceramic fiber yarn on specialized looms. CFC is suitable for temperatures up to 1260o C and is typically used as Pad Insulation for high-temperature curtains, gaskets, or simply a wrap to reduce heat loss from high heat-generating equipment.

FC can be pre-inserted with SS 304 to improve its tensile strength at elevated temperatures. It can also be coated with vermiculite or silicon rubber to make it 100% non-permeable. This makes it suitable for application in the expansion joints and the food industry.

Base Material

Ceramic Fibre, which is used in weaving CFC majorly contains Aluminium Silicate It is chemically composed of the following:
Al2O3 (47-49%) & Al2O3 + SiO2 (99%) – 85% (By Weight)
Other Components: Viscose Rayon, Fibreglass Yarn – 15% (By Weight)

Dimension & Customization
Standard Width 1000mm Standard Thickness 2mm ~ 6mm

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