Glass Fiber Cloth & Tape

Glass Fiber Cloth & Tape

Glass Fiber Cloth is woven from texturized e-glass fiber yarn on specialized looms. GFC is suitable for temperatures up to 550°C and is typically used as high-temperature Pad Insulation, curtains, gaskets, or simply a wrap to reduce heat loss from high heat-generating equipment.

Glass Fibre, used in weaving GFC is chemically known as boro-silico-alumino-calcic glass. It is a texturized e-glass yarn with a filament diameter of 9 microns.
It is chemically composed of the following:
SiO2 content (53-60%)
Al2O3 (11-15.5%)
Alkaline Terrous Oxides [CaO, MgO] (20-25%)
TiO2 (0-3%), B2O3 (0-9%)
Alkaline Oxides [Na2O, K2O] (<2%)

Dimension & Customization

  • Standard Width   1000mm
  • Standard Thickness   2mm ~ 5mm

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