Rockwool LRB Slabs

Rockwool LRB Slabs

Rockwool LRB Slabs conform to – IS 8183: 1993, ASTM C612, C553, and equivalent BS 3958- 5 and are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces operating at temperatures up to 750° C. The robust fibers combine high levels of thermal efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Fire Safety:In Combustible
Acoustical Properties:Suitable for acoustical insulation
Compatibility:Compatible with all forms of Industrial Material
Moisture:Water Repellent, Non Hygroscopic

Rockwool LRB Slabs are aesthetically engineered for a wide range of applications at both high & low service temperatures and are preferred for use on both flat & slightly curved surfaces for economics and effective insulation on thermal, acoustical, and fire protection. Rockwool LRB Slabs are widely used in industries for boilers, tanks, vessels, ovens, furnaces, bulkheads ship decks, etc. Due to its matchless performance, it is widely used for thermal & acoustical insulation & protection.

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