Copper Polyester Tape

Product Introduction

Copper Polyester tape made of copper foil and polyester film lamination provides conductivity and electromagnetic insulation. Polyester film provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strength. It helps the tape to grasp and bond the surface that it is applied upon. The copper foil also provides resistance to corrosion and radiation, can be soldered, and has higher conductivity compared to Aluminium foil. To meet high standards of HF cable and professional production process it is used in coaxial cables, single cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, LAN cables, data communication cables, and most of the other communication cables as well as other industries.


Copper Foil+Polyester film (CU+PET) Copper Foil+Polyester Film+Copper Foil (CU+PET+CU) Color:  Original color of copper, blue, red, yellow, green, etc. A variety of colors are available as per specification.


800mm Pad : Max. 0.D 800mm Different packaging can be customized Storage : Room temperature under dry condition, the shelf life of 6 month

Technical Data

ConstructureTotal ThicknessWeight (g/m2)Yield (m2/kg)
CU20 PET2346mic2134.7
CU18 PET2344mic1955.1
CU18 PET1233mic1805.6
CU15 PET2341mic1695.9
CU18 PET2372mic2254.5
ConstructureTotal ThicknessWeight (g/m2)Yield (m2/kg)
CU10 PET12 CU1038mic2034.9

Note :- Above value are the accumulative typical ones by recognized test method, but ensure you to selected our products properly, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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