Loose Mineral Wool Superfine LooseMineral Wool

Loose Mineral Wool Superfine LooseMineral Wool

Collection of fine fibers drawn from molten selected mineral rocks. Loose Mineral Wool is an ideal material for most insulation applications because of its favorable handling and application characteristics. It is fire-resistant and moisture-resistant. Chemically inert neither reacts nor accelerates corrosion. It is durable, odorless, easy to handle and store.

Superfine Loose Mineral Wool conforms to IS:3677. The Loose Mineral Wool possesses low thermal conductivity and can be used in temperatures of 50C to 750oC. ‘Loose Mineral Wool is oil-free and available in a 40 kg HDPE Bag.


1. Industrial furnace lining 2. High-temperature pipes heat preserve
3. Heat-resistant sealing gasket 4. Glass tank furnace thermal insulation
5. Power boiler and nuclear heat insulation 6. Ceramics kilns thermal insulation
7. High-temperature filter materials Technical Specification of Ceramic Fibre Wool Blankets
ApplicationTemperature : maximum with standing Temperature 1200DegreeC.
Width : 610mm
Height : 7300mm
Thickness : 25mm

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